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Hibiwareta koe de...

I'm avoiding doing anything productive, despite the fact that there are things I WANT to do, and this popped up twice on my flist...so I figured it was a sign to do it! Collapse )

In other news, I keep meaning to update this but never have anything to say. Haven't done any drawings in weeks, so I fail epically at that. >.< Maybe I'll ponder some "interesting" things to say and update later.......we'll see. *narrows eyes*

In case you were wondering, I freaking love this song.
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I finally got and watched "Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker", which is the movie Funimation made based on the Dragon Age games (which, as you may or may not know, I am obsessed with). It was super badass, though the animation style really threw me off. It was awesome though cause the outfits the characters wore, buildings, layouts of buildings, furniture, scenery...it was all EXACTLY like in the games. Then all the dragons and monsters were obviously taken straight from the games, so that was really cool too. The people were all made in a different style though, so that seemed weird cause they didn't look...finished. Oh well, still a good movie.

And bonus points that Gackt was a voice in it. He has the best evil laugh. ^.^

Work this week has been a nightmare, ugh. I was gonna take some time to sit here and go on about a few of the dozens of reasons that work has sucked more than normal this week...but I don't feel like spending 3 hours typing about it. >.< And tomorrow will probably be the worst day yet, so...just gotta make it through tomorrow! Can only go...up from here? Doubtful, knowing my job, but...I can be hopeful?

I put something on facebook yesterday jokingly saying that the Nutter Butter shakes from Steak n' Shake might just be worth gaining back the 30 pounds I've lost since February and my mom commented on it with something like "But look at pictures of you before, is it really worth it?" I didn't think much of it at first other than "Uh, I was just kidding..." but a few people have made comments to me about what she said and I realized...yeah! What the hell, Mom?! So much for thinking your children are beautiful and perfect just the way they are. And people wonder why I have a complex. Ugh.

Yesterday, I got my copy of Akihide's book ある日 ココロが欠けました and sat and translated it so I could read it. It's super short, but I felt really accomplished. Also, quite impressed by how much I figured out on my own. My main thing was I had to look up most of the kanji cause I don't know that many yet. But once I found what the kanji was, I knew a lot of the words/verbs on my own. So...go me!

I've been put into a group on facebook where people are trying to organize our 10 year high school reunion. I keep just wanting to comment with "Y'all were a bunch of dicks in high school, why would I want to see you now?!" Though looking through pictures of people I went to school with, there is a part of me that wants to go just to be like "Bwahahaha, I'm skinny and all y'all bitches be FAT now!" High school was not a fun place for me, fyi.

Ok, obviously I am feeling a bit too cynical tonight. I think it's best I stop now. Here's an icon of Gackt with a kitten. Day is instantly at least 5 times better.

My newest video!

YAY! Didn't think I would, but I got my newest youtube video completely recorded, editted, and uploaded today...and I am exceedingly proud of it! Seriously, when it finished rendering and I watched it the first time, I actually exclaimed out loud "I AM SO AWESOME!"

Perhaps no one else will find it nearly as awesome as I do...but who cares, this was crazy fun to do. I've been dying to make use of my electric harp and looper pedal in one of my videos, so I did a lot of planning and rehearsing and run-throughs to make this as good as I could make it.

So I give you..."Blurry Eyes" by L'Arc-en-Ciel, done in 5-parts by me using my electric harp and looper pedal!

akihide hat

#5 and #6

New LJ icons uploaded, woo! Now to decide which one to use...

Did two more drawings yesterday. First one was originally going to be an anime-style recreation of the whole "Bunny Love" album cover I have, but I got frustrated halfway through Daigo and declared it just a "doodle" of Daigo alone. Maybe someday when I'm less frustrated, I'll attempt all 3 of them again.

by ~Mahyge on deviantART

This one was my first real attempt at a 100% un-referenced generic anime character. I sat outside so I couldn't look at anything for ideas or reference and just decided to see what would happen. I wish his hair was longer, but I was unmotivated to erase it all and start over. Also, his head is too big for his neck, but ah well. For my first "original character", not a bad experiment overall.

by ~Mahyge on deviantART

Really thought I'd work on my next youtube video today...but it's 2pm now and I haven't even looked at my harp. Might...not happen.
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I made a bunch of new LJ icons and I keep forgetting to upload them. >.< Now I'm on my laptop, so I can't upload them. Goal for tomorrow!

Speaking of goals for the day, one of my goals for today was to do a bunch of work towards my next youtube video. It was all going well and I was doing a serious test-run for the videos and recording and after about a half hour of playing and what I THOUGHT was recording...I realized I hadn't turned my harp on. (My electric harp actually has an on/off switch.) I was so mad at myself that it just all went downhill from there. Though now I have big plans to hopefully do the final/official recordings tomorrow. Still have a few things to figure out though, so...hopefully I'll wake up totally inspired!

Ok, so this is incredibly sad in a totally pathetic sort of way...but tonight, I volunteered to be the driver for a carpool to the movie theaters, so I actually had every seat (all 7) in my car filled. In all the years I've driven SUVs, I've never actually gotten to drive a carload of friends somewhere...and what's so pathetic is how happy it made me to do so. ^.^ Sounds like something really stupid, but I've always wanted to have a reason to be like "As a matter of fact, I could drive everyone and we'd only have to take one vehicle!"...which is how it worked out tonight. Makes me feel important, I suppose? Also works to my advantage cause I have serious anxiety issues about riding with other people driving.

On Saturday nights, I usually go watch anime with a group of friends. In lieu of anime tonight (and since several people are otherwise engaged playing Diablo), a group of 7 of us went and saw "The Avengers". Was pretty awesome, that's for sure. But I gotta say...while Tony Stark will always be my first love, Hawkeye is so totally my type. ^.^ And Captain America also makes me all giddy, hehe.

After the movie, we went to Steak n' Shake (and HOLY COW I've lived in this town 10 years and NEVER KNEW there was a SnS there!) and I got their new Nutter Butter milkshake. It was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I actually kept sucking up huge chunks of just the peanut butter filling from the cookies. Guh, so good. Totally worth the probably 1500 calories (a normal shake from there is around 1000).

But hey, I've now lost almost 30 pounds (officially 30 if I assume I had a few days as high as I think I did back before I started losing weight) and I was at my lowest yet this morning...so I deserve it. ^.^

Sometimes I don't know if I love my friends or if I hate them.

I got on LJ at work today and realized...my layout banner? It's huge! My desktop at home has an enormous resolution, so it seems like a totally perfect size on that computer...but on my computer at work, the picture alone took up the whole screen. Rofl, oops.

I watched disc 1 of the Breakerz Wish 03 concert this evening and *bites fist* SO AWESOME! The whole guitar battle leading into "Last Pray" part was so epically epic that I watched it 3 times in a row. ...I say all this as if anyone who reads this will have any idea what I'm talking about. Trust me, it's awesome.

Last night, I went out for dinner and drinks with my friends from work. It was super crazy fun and we have big plans for an incredibly epic night out next week. But when we left the restaurant last night...one of the girls left my phone number for the waiter because I thought he was cute. >.< I keep forgetting about it, then I remember and feel like crawling in a hole. I don't think at all that he'd actually call me, but I have a feeling that the next time I get a call from an unknown number...I might instinctively smash my phone against the nearest wall and run screaming from the room. And it's a shame cause it's one of my favorite restaurants in town and now I can never go there again!

So I've chewed my fingernails my whole life, never really had a reason not to. I randomly decided the other day that I'm going to stop for an undetermined amount of time. I've stopped before, so I know I can do it. Problem is...I keep forgetting that I'm stopping. So I decided to paint my fingernails (which I never ever do) as a reminder to stop chewing on them. At which point I discovered...I own black fingernail polish? Huh? When did I get that? Why did I get that? I have NO CLUE. So bizarre. Long story short, I now have sparkly black fingernails and toenails. I am a fan. Credit to big_edna for inspiring me to try it out when I found it in the closet.

Oh man, the degree to which my love for Hyde skyrockets whenever he's blond is astronomical. Holy cow.

I've been bad about working on my drawings, I still haven't done any more. Determined to do at least one tomorrow. I have the afternoon off (except for teaching), so I have no real excuse. *nods*

Aw crap, it's almost 11. So much for going to bed early.

New layout!

I've been wanting to change my LJ layout for awhile (as I mentioned in a previous post) and finally got around to doing it! Colors are kinda drab, but...I like it! *pets the pretty* I figure it's fitting, cause while ilu Gackt...Breakerz and Acid Black Cherry are almost all I listen to these days (with some Laruku, Vamps, and X Japan thrown in to change things up a bit).

Didn't do any drawings today, though I'd really intended to do at least one. Couldn't quite decide what I wanted to draw, so I just never got around to it. I'm not sure where my day went. I came home from work super early cause I didn't feel good (still don't, I think I'm getting sick...ugh) but...not really sure what I did all day.

I rejoined Facebook this evening, I'd been off for over 2 months. I must say, within 5 seconds of glancing at my new feed...I thought "Ugh, I don't care about any of this crap." I'd prefer to just stay off it, but my mom had to give me her login info yesterday to see something sweet she'd posted about me...then I saw all the pictures and videos of my nephews that my sister has posted and things my mom has said that I've missed out on...so I rejoined for them. I already miss enough of my nephew's life growing up by only seeing him a couple times a year, I don't want to miss the pictures and videos too.

Today was exciting in that I made a new LJ/Twitter friend (minlilin, hi!) who's a fellow Breakerz fan and source of tons and tons of awesome Breakerz stuff that I never get to see or have access to. I'm super excited cause while big_edna listens to my incessent fangirling, I don't have any friends who like or know anything about the bands I'm obsessed with...so yay for fellow fans!

And since it's been a couple days since I talked about my hair...hahaha. Stupid red is quite faded already. Not surprised, it's been 3 weeks now. At 5 weeks last time, half my hair was almost completely back to brown. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to get it touched up anytime soon cause I have noooooo money. Not even kidding, nooooooo money. The woman who dyes my hair gave me the leftover dye mixed with shampoo, but I'm kinda afraid to use it...I might end up dying half my face red and having polka dot hair or something.

Starting this week, I'm working a lot more hours...which is nice cause as I mentioned, I have nooooooo money. But what the means is...I have to work more. Ugh. And the proverbial shit has really hit the proverbial fan there...so just walking in the door makes your blood pressure skyrocket. We'll see how much longer we make it before someone has me committed.

Moar Drawings

Drawings #2 and #3 today.

#2 was an interesting experiment for me. I used a picture of a real person and tried to recreate it in anime style. I was...fairly successful, I think. He looks way too much like a girl though, not sure if it's the hair or what. Also, the finger-on-the-lip thing is exceedingly sexy in the original picture but decidedly...not sexy in the drawing. Looks more like a "durrrrrr" expression than a "come hither" one. Boo hiss.

by ~Mahyge on deviantART

#3 was just a straight attempt to recreate a picture of Zero from "Vampire Knight" in the VK Art Book. He looks...drenched or something. Meh. And his hand looks like it belongs to E.T., but in my defense...he has ridiculously long fingers in the manga! And his hair covering parts of his hand doesn't help any (I could've done something about that, but...I didn't). The actual drawing is about twice this size and goes to down show his legs and his other hand and the chair he's sitting on...but his other hand is officially the bane of my existence and no one need ever see it.

by ~Mahyge on deviantART

I actually originally intended on drawing Zero shirtless, but I started on the collar and forgot about the shirtless plan. That's ok cause I'd much rather see a guy in a sexy button-up shirt like that than shirtless any day.

I was further productive today in that I made a 5-part harp arrangement of "Blurry Eyes" by L'Arc~en~Ciel and did a trial recording of it using my looper pedal. I'm kiiiiiiiiiinda crazy impressed with myself, not gonna lie. I've got a few issues with how I'm gonna do the video for it though...so not sure how to handle that.

I've had a bad headache for 4 days straight now and nothing I take seems to help. Do not want.

I wanna go to an Acid Black Cherry concert soooooooooooooo badly. Kinda totally bums me out that I'm sure it will never ever happen. *sigh*
yasu cherry

Drawing #1

Yay, did my first drawing for my challenge!

by ~Mahyge on deviantART

Took me about...an hour and a half, I think? Or maybe closer to an hour, not sure. I was looking off of a picture, of course (cause I can't make up pictures to save my life). He's lying down, which I think is why it looks weird. Like...something looks off about it and I think it's cause you can't tell that he's supposed to be lying down.

Anyways, 1 down...99 to go!

ETA: I've decided to load this via DeviantArt cause photobucket shrinks everything. Wish I could make them show up bigger here, but eh. Not like anyone will look at them anyways.
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